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23 Jul Networks


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16 Jul

A hint of soundscape

A hint of soundscape

Thanks to the fabulous workshop by amazing Dany Mitzman I attended during my Léim placement in Bassano del Grappa, I have grown passionate about recording sounds.

Here is one of my first (ever) recordings, at the open air museum Artesella

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05 Jul

Passage to the rite

Passage to the rite

I have just started an artist’s residency as a dramaturge with dancer Elisabetta Cortella and sound-(and all-round) artist Jamie Sturrock in Schio within the Pulsart festival.

Our inquiry is going to focus on the festival’s theme: the rite of passage.

As a first passage to the rite I have suggested the questioning exercise for the three of us. We started to do the exercise described in Jonathan…

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28 May

The openness to error

The openness to error

Marrakesh bike

Marrakesh bike

For about one year now I have taken my role as an outside eye aka assistant dramaturge more seriously than ever, and I wish to thank choreographer Silvia Gribaudi who believed in me and got me involved in her latest piece since the beginning of the creative process.

The job I am called upon doing is a delicate one, and there is no one-fits-all solution, nor definition of what a…

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29 Apr




Ultimamente ho preso, e volentieri, qualche treno. Il viaggio con questo mezzo permette di sperimentare in modo graduale il passaggio da un luogo all’altro: la luce può cambiare improvvisamente, ma vuol dire che siamo dentro a un tunnel e presto ne usciremo – nella maggior parte dei casi.

Approfitto, se possibile, dei biglietti in offerta per i treni a lunga percorrenza. In treno mi sento a…

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14 Apr

wonderful but… what’s the dog’s name?

06 Feb


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05 Feb

I want you

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05 Feb Iran anni 60

Iran anni 60

05 Feb andiamo al mare

andiamo al mare

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